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Agricultural Engineering Building - University of Wisconsin Agricultural Engineering Building - University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI
American Society of Agricultural Engineers Founded in this Building December 27, 1907
Air-Inflated, Double-Layer Polyethylene Greenhouse Air-Inflated, Double-Layer Polyethylene Greenhouse
New Brunswick, NJ
A crucial step in the evolution of modern plant agriculture was the development of low-cost, energy-efficient greenhouse structures that provide optimum growing conditions year-…
Alaska Highway Alaska Highway
Delta Junction, AK
The Alaska Highway, initially called the Alaskan-Canadian (Alcan) Military Highway, provided an essential transportation link to the Yukon and Alaska during World War II. It…
ALCOA 50,000-ton Hydraulic Forging Press ALCOA 50,000-ton Hydraulic Forging Press
Cleveland, OH
This 50,000-ton die-forging press is among the largest fabrication tools in the world. It was designed and built for the U.S. Air Force by the Mesta Machine Company of Pittsburgh…
Alden Research Laboratory Rotating Boom
Holden, MA
The idea of constructing a rotating boom for hydromechanical tests at the Alden Hydraulic Laboratory originated with Professor Charles Metcalf Allen, head of the lab from 1896 to…
Alexanderson Radio Alternator
Schenectady, NY
"The Alexanderson radio alternator was a high-power, radio-frequency source which provided reliable transoceanic radiotelegraph communication during and after World War I. Ernst F…
Allegheny Portage Railroad Allegheny Portage Railroad
Duncansville, PA
In an era when roads and canals were the most common means of overland transportation, the Allegheny Portage Railroad provided a novel alternative. The railway carried fully-…
Alligator Amphibian
Quantico, VA
The "Alligator" amphibian tractor is the progenitor of all amphibian assault vehicles used since 1941, a pioneer venture both in its design and the materials used in its…
Alouette-ISIS Satellite Program
Ottawa, Ontario
"Driven by the need to understand the characteristics of radio communication in Canada's North, Canadian researchers focused on the exploration of the earth's upper atmosphere,…
Alternating Current Electrification (DUPE: IEEE+ASME)
Great Barrington, MA
"On 20 March 1886 William Stanley provided alternating current electrification to offices and stores on Main Street in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He thus demonstrated the…
Alvord Lake Bridge Alvord Lake Bridge
San Francisco, CA
Alvord Lake Bridge, along with many of Ernest Ransome's reinforced concrete buildings, survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and several subsequent tremblers with no damage.…
American Precision Museum
Windsor, VT
In fulfilling a contract for 25,000 U.S. Army rifles (Model 1841) and a like quantity for the British government, Robbins and Lawrence were the first to achieve interchangeability…
Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant
Ophir, CO
"Electricity produced here in the spring of 1891 was transmitted 2.6 miles over rugged and at times inaccessible terrain to provide power for operating the motor-driven mill at…
Anhydrous Ammonia Application Technology Anhydrous Ammonia Application Technology
Stoneville, MS
In 1932, J. O. Smith, Agricultural Engineer at Delta Branch Experiment Station in Stoneville, MS, attached a small anhydrous ammonia cylinder to a plow in such a manner that the…
Ann Arbor Baler Ann Arbor Baler
Shelbyville, IL
Designated an Historic Landmark of Agricultural Engineering. In the Shelbyville Area During the Spring of 1929, Raymore McDonald Designed and Developed the First Commercial Pick-…
Apollo Lunar Module LM-13
East Garden City, NY
The Apollo lunar module (LM-13) was developed by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. (now Northrop Grumman). The LM's main functions were to carry two astronauts from lunar…
Apollo Space Command Module
Titusville, FL
The Apollo was the vehicle that first transported humans to the moon and safely back to earth. Nine lunar flights were made between 1968 and 1972. The command module, built by…
Apollo Space Suit
Frederica, DE
Apollo astronauts who ventured outside of the protective confines of their pressurized capsules faced a number of hazards, among them: exposure to cosmic debris, solar radiation,…
Arecibo Radiotelescope
Arecibo, PR
A drive system that keeps the antenna pointed with millimeter precision regardless of factors such as environmental change   The Arecibo Observatory has the largest radio…
Armour-Swift-Burlington Bridge Armour-Swift-Burlington Bridge
Kansas City, MO
Work began in 1887 on the high-level truss "Winner Bridge" crossing the Missouri River at Kansas City. The piers were completed in 1890, but for financial reasons the project was…

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