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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Cape Hatteras, NC
The Atlantic Ocean's northward-flowing Gulf Stream meets the southward-flowing Labrador Current at a point marked approximately by North Carolina's Outer Banks. Since the earliest…
Carbohydrate Metabolism - Carl and Gerty Cori Carbohydrate Metabolism - Carl and Gerty Cori
St. Louis, MO
In brilliant collaboration, Carl and Gerty Cori studied how the body metabolizes glucose and advanced the understanding of how the body produces and stores energy. Their findings…
Carrollton Viaduct Carrollton Viaduct
Baltimore, MD
The Carrollton Viaduct over Gwynn's Falls was the first masonry railroad viaduct constructed in the United States. This structure proved the feasibility of using a viaduct to…
Castillo de San Marcos Castillo de San Marcos
St. Augustine, FL
The fort was constructed of coquina rock. Unique to Florida, the rock consists of millions of seashells cemented together. It proved highly durable and easily absorbed the force…
Cedar Falls Water Supply Cedar Falls Water Supply
Seattle, WA
Requests for public power in Seattle began in the late 1890s and lead to the voter approval for building the Cedar Falls Water Supply hydroelectric dam plant in 1902. The first…
Center Pivot Irrigator
Minden, NE
Frank Zybach, a tenant farmer and inventor living near Strasburg, Colorado, received a patent for a "Self-Propelled Sprinkling Irrigating Apparatus" on July 22, 1952. The device…
Central Pacific Railroad Central Pacific Railroad
Ogden, UT
Central Pacific Railroad served as the Western terminus of America's first transcontinental railroad, passing through the formidable Sierra Nevada Mountains. In all, 15 tunnels…
Central Yacht Basin Central Yacht Basin
St Petersburg, FL
The St. Petersburg Yacht Basin was the original operating location of the St. Petersburg – Tampa Airboat Line, the nation’s first, regularly-scheduled commercial airline. The line…
CERN Experimental Instrumentation
Geneva, Meyrin
The 1992 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded to Georges Charpak, France, for his invention and development of detectors in high energy physics. Since 1959 Charpak had worked at…
Chain of Rocks Water Purification Plant Chain of Rocks Water Purification Plant
St. Louis, MO
Clarifying the turbid waters of the Mississippi River for use as drinking water was a formidable challenge. The Chain of Rocks Water Purification Plant provided the first…
Chandler Chemistry Laboratory Chandler Chemistry Laboratory
Bethlehem, PA
The William H. Chandler Chemistry Laboratory was conceived and planned by William Henry Chandler (1841-1906), professor, chairman, librarian, and acting president of Lehigh…
Chapin Mine Pump
Iron Mountain, MI
As one of the large strikes in the Lake Superior geological district, the Chapin Mine was located under a cedar swamp and unminable until it was drained by one of the largest…
Charles River Basin Project Charles River Basin Project
Boston, MA
The Charles River Basin was one of the pioneering environmental engineering projects in America. The project transformed 675 acres of unhealthy and unsightly salt marshes and…
Charleston - Hamburg Railroad Charleston - Hamburg Railroad
Charleston, SC
Built with a single set of tracks consisting of hardwood rails and wooden ties, and using wooden trestles to carry it over low-lying areas, the 136-mile Charleston-Hamburg…
Cheesman Dam Cheesman Dam
Sedalia, CO
The Cheesman Dam was the first major dam in the U.S. to incorporate the gravity arch, and upon completion it was the highest gravity arch stone masonry dam in the world. It is the…
CAS Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
Columbus, OH
The Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society, has provided the most comprehensive repository of research in chemistry and related sciences for over…
Jamestown Chemistry at Jamestown
Williamsburg, VA
Recent archaeological evidence reveals early Virginia, which included both the Roanoke and Jamestown colonies, as the birthplace of the American chemical enterprise. Chemical…
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Chesapeake and Delaware Canal
New Castle, DE
The Chesapeake & Delaware Canal is the only canal built in 19th-century America that still operates today as a major shipping route. Connecting the Port of Baltimore and Upper…
Chesbrough's Water Supply System Chesbrough's Water Supply System
Chicago, IL
Constructed to provide a safe, potable water supply for the citizens of Chicago, Ellis Chesbrough's Chicago Water Supply System was the first major system to utilize offshore…
Chestnut Street Pumping Engine
Erie, PA
At the site of the first water pumping station providing water and sewage systems to the City of Erie in 1868, the Chestnut Street Pumping Station houses one of the largest steam…

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