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Fall 1999

Volume 15, Issue 2


Like the Tacoma Narrows, Maine’s Deer Isle Bridge was designed long and thin and turned out to be dangerously unstable. Unlike the Tacoma Narrows, it’s still standing.

The use of electricity to restore life goes back as far as the 1780s. Not until after World War II, though, did doctors start applying it systematically to save heart attack victims.

Gentlement of the Eighteenth-Century Cutting Edge

To stop Hitler’s U-boat campaign, the Navy had to first invent a new kind of warship and then figure out how to mass-produce it—in places like Denver and Duluth
Somebody had to invent machinery that could reliably and affordably lay down patterns with details as small as 80-millionths of an inch

She did it because the servants broke the china


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