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Bridgeport Covered Bridge Bridgeport Covered Bridge
Penn Valley, CA
A product of the Northern California Gold Rush, the Bridgeport Covered Bridge is believed to be the longest, single-span, wooden covered bridge in the United States. Crossing the…
keeseville Bridges of Keeseville
Keeseville, NY
A 214-foot single-span covered wooden bridge, built above the cribs of stone in the AuSable River that served to break log jams and ice floes, collapsed during the winter of 1875…
Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn, NY
On May 24, 1883, with schools and businesses closed for the occasion, New York celebrated the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge. Also known as the Great East River Bridge, it was…
Brooks AFB, Old Hangar 9 Brooks AFB, Old Hangar 9
San Antonio, TX
In its infancy, Hangar Nine housed Curtiss JN-4s ("Jennys") like the one Charles Lindbergh landed there when he reported for duty as a flying cadet in 1924. As the U.S. was…
Browning Firearms Collection
Ogden, UT
This collection recognizes the inventive talents of John Moses Browning (1855-1926), a prolific and significant designer of sporting and military firearms, whose designs were…
Buckeye Steam Traction Ditcher
Findlay, OH
During the post-Civil War era, efforts to cultivate the land for higher crop yields resulted in the digging of thousands of miles of ditches to improve land drainage. Accurately…
Buffalo Bill Dam Buffalo Bill Dam
Cody, WY
The Buffalo Bill Dam, known as the Shoshone Dam until 1946, was the first mass concrete dam in America. At nearly 325 feet high, it was also the tallest dam in the world at the…
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge Bunker Hill Covered Bridge
Catawba County, NC
In 1894, Catawba County, North Carolina commissioners asked local landowners to build and maintain an 85-foot-long bridge across Lyles Creek. The community hired Andy L. Ramsour,…
Burton Farmers Gin Mill
Burton, TX
This is the earliest known survivor of an integrated cotton ginning system widely used to process cotton from wagon to bale in a continuous operation. The gin machinery was…
C.V. Raman and the Raman Effect C.V. Raman and the Raman Effect
Calcutta, India,
"I propose this evening to speak to you on a new kind of radiation or light emission from atoms and molecules." With these prophetic words, Professor C. V. Raman of Calcutta…
Cabin John Aqueduct Cabin John Aqueduct
Cabin John, MD
Cabin John Aqueduct, designed by Montgomery C. Meigs, conveys drinking water from Great Falls, Maryland to Washington, D.C. It was the longest stone masonry arch in the world for…
Caledonian Canal Caledonian Canal
Traversing the Great Glen of the Scottish Highlands for 60 miles the Caledonian Canal connects the North Sea by Beauly and Moray Firth on the east coast with the Irish Sea by…
Callan's Pioneering Contributions to Electrical Science and Technology
A pioneer in the development of electrical science, Nicholas Joseph Callan was born on 22 December 1799 in Darver, Ireland. He started the priesthood at Navan Seminary, and…
Callan's Pioneering Contributions to Electrical Science and Technology
Maynooth, County Kildare
A pioneer in the development of electrical science, Nicholas Joseph Callan was born on 22 December 1799 in Darver, Ireland. He started the priesthood at Navan Seminary, and…
Canton Viaduct Canton Viaduct
Canton, MA
For more than 174 years, the Canton Viaduct has stood as a dominating structure on the New England landscape. When completed in 1835, the slightly curved, granite masonry bridge…
Cape Cod Canal Cape Cod Canal
Cape Cod, MA
The idea of a canal eliminating the costly and dangerous sea trip around the Massachusetts peninsula of Cape Cod was envisioned as early as 1623 by Pilgrim leader Miles Standish.…
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Cape Hatteras, NC
The Atlantic Ocean's northward-flowing Gulf Stream meets the southward-flowing Labrador Current at a point marked approximately by North Carolina's Outer Banks. Since the earliest…
Carbohydrate Metabolism - Carl and Gerty Cori Carbohydrate Metabolism - Carl and Gerty Cori
St. Louis, MO
In brilliant collaboration, Carl and Gerty Cori studied how the body metabolizes glucose and advanced the understanding of how the body produces and stores energy. Their findings…
Carrollton Viaduct Carrollton Viaduct
Baltimore, MD
The Carrollton Viaduct over Gwynn's Falls was the first masonry railroad viaduct constructed in the United States. This structure proved the feasibility of using a viaduct to…
Castillo de San Marcos Castillo de San Marcos
St. Augustine, FL
The fort was constructed of coquina rock. Unique to Florida, the rock consists of millions of seashells cemented together. It proved highly durable and easily absorbed the force…

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