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Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railway
Antonito, CO
Winding over 64 miles through the majestic San Juan mountains, the narrow-gauge railway known today as the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad was built as a branch of the…
Curtis 500-kW Vertical Turbine Curtis 500-kW Vertical Turbine
Indianapolis, IN
This, the first Curtis vertical turbine built, was constructed by the General Electric Co. for the Newport & Fall River Street Railway Co. It operated in the Newport, R.I.,…
David Taylor Model Basin
Bethesda, MD
The David Taylor Model Basin is among the largest facilities of its kind in the world, containing a shallow water basin, a deep water basin and a high-speed basin. Using its…
Davidson Hall Iowa State Davidson Hall Iowa State
Ames, IA
Designated an Historic Landmark in Honor of J. Brownlee Davidson a Founder of Agricultural Engineering First President of American Society of Agricultural Engineers Organizer of…
Davis Island Lock and Dam Davis Island Lock and Dam
McKees Rocks, PA
Before the Davis Island Lock & Dam were built, the flow of the Ohio River slowed to little more than a trickle during dry periods. For several months each year, the…
Signs DayGlo Fluorescent Pigments
Cleveland, OH
DayGlo fluorescent pigments, a new class of pigments based on fluorescent dyes and polymeric materials, were developed between the 1930s and 1950s by scientists at Switzer…
Ontario Power Generation Decew Falls Hydro-Electric Plant
Niagara, Ontario
The Decew Falls Hydro-Electric Development was a pioneering project in the generation and transmission of electrical energy at higher voltages and at greater distances in Canada.…
Deciphering the Genetic Code Deciphering the Genetic Code
Bethesda, MD
In 1961, in the National Institutes of Health Headquarters (Bethesda, MD), Marshall Nirenberg and Heinrich Matthaei discovered the key to breaking the genetic code when they…
Fly Delta Delta Air Lines’ Original 1940s Buildings
Atlanta, GA
Delta Air Lines’ historic buildings consist of two aircraft hangers and several office buildings at the Delta World Headquarters site constructed between 1941 and 1947. On March 1…
Demonstration of Practical Telegraphy
Morristown, NJ
In January 1838, Samuel F. B. Morse and Alfred Vail first demonstrated publicly crucial elements of their telegraph system, using instruments that Vail had constructed during the…
Denison Dam Denison Dam
Denison, TX
The largest rolled-earth fill dam in the world at the time of its completion, Denison Dam eventually served as a prototype for dam construction in future U.S. Army Corps of…
Detroit Edison District Heating System Detroit Edison District Heating System
Detroit, MI
The concept of heating a number of buildings in the core area of a city from a single heating plant was introduced into the United States by Birdsill Holly at Lockport, New York,…
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Detroit-Windsor Tunnel
Detroit, MI
The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is a 5,160-foot structure that carries traffic under the Detroit River between Detroit, Michigan and Ontario, Canada. Privately financed, built, and…
Leo Baekeland and Bakelite Development of Bakelite
Yonkers, NY
Around 1907, Belgian-born chemist Leo Hendrik Baekeland took two ordinary chemicals, phenol and formaldehyde, mixed them in a sealed autoclave, and subjected them to heat and…
Development of Diagnostic Test Strips Development of Diagnostic Test Strips
Elkhart, IN
It is difficult to recall a time when doctors and patients had trouble tracking the presence of glucose and other substances in urine and blood. Lack of sufficient measurement…
Development of Electronic Television
Hamamatsu ,
Professor Kenjiro Takayanagi started his research program in television at Hamamatsu Technical College (now Shizuoka University) in 1924. He transmitted an image of the Japanese…
Development of Ferrite Materials and Their Applications
Dr. Takeshi Takei, the professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, discovered that composite oxides containing zinc and iron have distinguished magnetic properties. In 1930,…
Alice Hamilton Development of Occupational Medicine
Chicago, IL
In 1897, Dr. Alice Hamilton (1869-1970) came to Hull-House, a social settlement founded to address the needs of immigrants living on Chicago’s Near West Side. Through living and…
Development of the HP-35, the First Handheld Scientific Calculator
Palo Alto, CA
The HP-35 was the first handheld calculator to perform transcendental functions (such as trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions). Most contemporary calculators could…
First Oil Well Development of the Pennsylvania Oil Industry
Titusville, PA
Long before Texas gushers and offshore drilling, and a century before oil wells dotted Arabian sands and rose out of Venezuelan waters, the center of petroleum production was…

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