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Crozet, Claudius

Crozet's Blue Ridge Tunnel
Society: ASCE Main Category: Civil Sub Category: Roads & Rails, Transportation, Tunnels Era: 1850-1859 DateCreated: 1858 Blue Ridge Railroad Waynesboro State: VA Zip: 22980 Country: USA Website: Creator: Crozet, Claudius

One of four single-track tunnels built by the Blue Ridge Railroad, the 4,273-foot Crozet Tunnel was constructed at a time when hand drills, pickaxes, and black powder amounted to state-of-the-art tunneling technology. At the time of its completion, it was the longest railroad tunnel in the world. Envisioned and built by Claudius Crozet, a French-born educator and civil engineer, the tunnel remains a testament to his belief in advancing rail transportation even when faced with numerous difficulties. 

Image Credit: Public Domain (National Park Service) Image Caption: Crozet's Blue Ridge Tunnel Era_date_from: 1858
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