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Bridgeport Covered Bridge
Society: ASCE Main Category: Civil Sub Category: Bridges, Transportation Era: 1860-1869 DateCreated: 1862 Yuba River Penn Valley State: CA Zip: 95946 Country: USA Website: Creator: Virginia City Turnpike Company, Burr, Theodore

A product of the Northern California Gold Rush, the Bridgeport Covered Bridge is believed to be the longest, single-span, wooden covered bridge in the United States. Crossing the south fork of the Yuba River at a span of 233 feet, the bridge was built by the Virginia City Turnpike Company as part of a 14-mile toll road authorized by the California state legislature. The toll road was an essential link connecting Virginia City, Nevada, and the silver-producing Comstock Lode with the centers of California commerce.

Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/Rick Cooper (CC BY 2.0) Image Caption: The Bridgeport Covered Bridge, one of the longest covered bridges in the nation Era_date_from: 1862
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