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Saugus Ironworks
Society: ASMEMain Category: MechanicalSub Category: Minerals Extraction & RefiningEra: 1600sDateCreated: 1647 Ironworks National Historic SiteSaugusState: MAZip: 01906Country: USAWebsite:, Winthrop the Younger, John

The Saugus Ironworks, the first commercial ironworks in North America, was an impressive technological achievement for an early colony. The same basic processes are used today: reducing iron oxide with carbon to produce metallic iron that can be cast in a mold, producing wrought iron by puddling cast iron, and fabricating wrought iron with power hammer and rolls.

Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/Kristin Shoemaker (CC BY-ND 2.0)Image Caption: One of the Saugus Ironworks' water wheels in motionEra_date_from: 1647
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