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John W. Draper
Society: ACS Main Category: Chemical Sub Category: People and Organizations Era: 1870-1879 DateCreated: 1876 New York University New York City State: NY Zip: Country: USA Website: Creator: Draper, John W.

The American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society, celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2001. Founded in 1876 in New York City, the Society now has 186 local sections in all 50 states, international chapters, and 32 technical divisions that bring together scientists with interests ranging from small business to environmental protection.


The text of the plaque commemorating the landmark reads:

Image Credit: public domain Image Caption: Portrait of John W. Draper, unknown date Era_date_from:
Society: IEEE Main Category: Electrical Sub Category: People and Organizations Era: 1750-1799 DateCreated: 1757-1775 Franklin House Museum London State: England Zip: WC2N 5NF Country: UK Website:,_1757-1775 Creator: Franklin, Benjamin
"Benjamin Franklin, American electrician, printer, and diplomat, spent many years on Craven Street. He lived at No. 7 between 1772 and 1775 and at No. 36 from 1757-1762 and again from 1764-1772. During these years, Franklin popularized the study of electricity, performed experiments, and served as an adviser on lightning conductors." (The plaque may be viewed at the Franklin house museum at 36 Craven St, London, England.) Franklin, considered one of the founders of modern Physics, was already a famous scientist when he arrived at Craven Street in 1757.
Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/Elliott Brown (CC BY-SA 2.0) Image Caption: The Benjamin Franklin House on Craven Street in London, where Franklin lived for 16 years, and where he did much of his most famous work. Converted into a museum. Era_date_from: 1757
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