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Arnold AFB Wind Tunnel
Arnold AFB, TN
This propulsion wind tunnel (PWT) at Arnold AFB was the first large-scale facility for testing jet and rocket engines in simulated high-speed flight conditions. It has a unique…
Bell Aircraft Corporation's main factory Bell Aircraft Plant
Niagara Falls, NY
Bell Aircraft, founded in 1935 by Lawrence Dale “Larry” Bell, based its primary manufacturing facility in Wheatfield, New York, where several important aircraft were designed and…
RIM-8 Talos surface to air missile built by Bendix Corporation in test launcher at White Sands Missile Range New Mexico Bendix Aviation Corporation
Teterboro, NJ
This site, originally the home of the Eclipse-Pioneer Division of the Bendix Aviation Corporation, has produced navigational instruments and engine components since 1938. …
Blimp Hangars Blimp Hangars
Irvine, CA
All building materials were made fire-resistant to protect against incendiary bombing. Treatment involved a vacuum process of salt impregnation. During construction, high winds…
Boeing 367-80 (Prototype for Boeing 707)
Chantilly, VA
The 367-80 is the prototype for most jet transports. Its success was due largely to its mechanical systems, including turbine engines with thrust reversers and noise suppressors,…
Bremen Airport
Bremen Airport was founded in 1909. In 1924, German aviation pioneers Henrich Focke and Georg Wulf founded the Focke-Wulf company on the site. On June 26, 1936, Heinrich Focke’s…
Brooks AFB, Old Hangar 9 Brooks AFB, Old Hangar 9
San Antonio, TX
In its infancy, Hangar Nine housed Curtiss JN-4s ("Jennys") like the one Charles Lindbergh landed there when he reported for duty as a flying cadet in 1924. As the U.S. was…
Central Yacht Basin Central Yacht Basin
St Petersburg, FL
The St. Petersburg Yacht Basin was the original operating location of the St. Petersburg – Tampa Airboat Line, the nation’s first, regularly-scheduled commercial airline. The line…
Cincinnati Observatory Cincinnati Observatory
Cincinnati, OH
The Cincinnati Observatory, founded by Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel in 1842, is America’s oldest public/professional observatory. The observatory was situated on Mt. Adams, east of…
Cleveland Hopkins Airport Cleveland Hopkins Airport
Cleveland, OH
Constructed on 1,040 acres just 10 miles southwest of the city center, the Cleveland Hopkins Airport was the first major airport in the world to provide an integrated system of…
Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (Calspan)
Buffalo, NY
Tracing its history to the earliest days of powered flight – to the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss – the site began as the research laboratory of the Curtiss-Wright Aircraft…
(Image not displayed) Crawler Transporters of Launch Complex 39
, FL
The crawler-transporters, formally known as the Missile Crawler Transporter Facilities, are a pair of tracked vehicles used to transport spacecraft from NASA's Vehicle Assembly…
Fly Delta Delta Air Lines’ Original 1940s Buildings
Atlanta, GA
Delta Air Lines’ historic buildings consist of two aircraft hangers and several office buildings at the Delta World Headquarters site constructed between 1941 and 1947. On March 1…
Production of the Vultee Vengeance bombers for the Royal Air Force at Downey, California Downey Industrial Plant
Downey, CA
Established in 1929, and owned by several different aviation companies through its history, the Downey site was the design, test, and production site for various airplanes and…
The instrument panel of the Spirit of St. Louis Dutch Flats Airport
San Diego, CA
On this site, which was the Dutch Flats Airport, Charles A. Lindbergh made the first flight of his Spirit of St. Louis airplane, constructed in 60 days by dedicated employees of…
Eglin Air Force Base Eglin Air Force Base
Valparaiso, FL
Established in 1935 as the Valparaiso Bombing and Gunnery Base, the base supported the U.S. Army Air Corps, the predecessor to the U.S. Air Force, as its primary facility for…
FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center
Egg Harbor Township,
This Federal Laboratory has played a pivotal role in creating our modern air traffic control system. Established as the National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center in 1958,…
captured Focke Wulf Fw 190A-3 at the Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough Research Establishment (Royal Aircraft Establishment)
Farnborough's aeronautical history began in 1905 with the arrival of HM Balloon Factory in 1905, headed by Lt Col J.L.B. Templer. In 1908, the first powered aeroplane flight in…
First Aerojet Manufacturing Site First Aerojet Manufacturing Site
Pasadena, CA
On Colorado Blvd in Pasadena in 1942, the Aerojet Engineering Company founded the first manufacturing facility for the production of rocket propulsion systems. This site was…
Montgolfier Balloon First Balloon Launch Site
On 4 June 1783, Joseph Michel and Jacques Etienne Montgolfier captured the imagination of the world with their first balloon flight at Cordeliers Square.  There were no passengers…

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