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Society: IEEE Main Category: Electric Sub Category: Era: 1870-1879 DateCreated: 1876 Boston State: MA Zip: 02203 Country: USA Website:,_1876 Creator: Bell, Alexander Graham

The first transmission of intelligible speech over electrical wires took place on 10 March 1876. Inventor Alexander Graham Bell called out to his assistant Thomas Watson, “Mr. Watson, come here! I want to see you.” This transmission took place in their attic laboratory located in a near here at 5 Exeter Place. A pioneer in the field of telecommunications, Alexander Graham Bell was born in 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He moved to Ontario, and then to the United States, settling in Boston, before beginning his career as an inventor.

Image Credit: Courtesy IEEE Image Caption: The telephone used in the first intelligible transmission over electrical wires. Era_date_from: 1876
Society: IEEE Main Category: Electric Sub Category: Era: 1870-1879 DateCreated: 1876 Paris State: Ontario Zip: N3L 2M3 Country: Canada Website:,_1876 Creator: Bell, Alexander Graham

On 10 August 1876, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated on this site that the human voice could be transmitted electrically over distance. While family members spoke into a transmitter in Brantford, 13 km away, Bell was able to hear them at a receiver located in Paris. This test convinced Bell that his invention could be used for communication between towns and could compete successfully with the telegraph.  


Image Credit: Courtesy Wikipedia Image Caption: Alexander Graham Bell Era_date_from: 1876
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