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Date Innovation City State Country Society
1869 Rumford Baking Powder Rumford RI USA ACS
1869 Mount Washington Cog Railway Coos County NH USA ASME
1862 Bridgeport Covered Bridge Penn Valley CA USA ASCE
1864 Cabin John Aqueduct Cabin John MD USA ASCE
1865 Chandler Chemistry Laboratory Bethlehem PA USA ACS
1860s Cooper Steam Traction Engine Collection Mount Vernon OH USA ASME
1866 Cornish - Windsor Covered Bridge Cornish VT USA ASCE
1866 John A. Roebling Bridge Cincinnati OH USA ASCE
1861 Hacienda La Esperanza Sugar Mill Steam Engine Manatí PR USA ASME
1860 Minot's Ledge Lighthouse Scituate MA USA ASCE
1867 Mormon Tabernacle Salt Lake City UT USA ASCE
1864 Moseley Wrought Iron Arch Bridge North Andover MA USA ASCE
1862 Mullan Road Walla Walla WA USA ASCE
1869 Suez Canal Project Ismailia Egypt ASCE
1863-1869 Central Pacific Railroad Ogden UT USA ASCE
1869 Bollman Truss Bridge Savage MD USA ASCE
1862 USS Cairo Engine and Boilers Vicksburg MS USA ASME
1868 Watkins Woolen Mill Kearney MO USA ASME
1864-1869 Chesbrough's Water Supply System Chicago IL USA ASCE
1869 Joining of the Rails - Transcontinental Railroad Promontory UT USA ASCE
Displaying results 1 of 20 - 23

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