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Date Image Innovation Society Sort ascending
1938 Bonneville Dam, Columbia River System Bonneville Dam, Columbia River System ASCE
1956 The Dalles Lock and Dam The Dalles Lock and Dam ASCE
1834 Ascutney Mill Dam Ascutney Mill Dam ASCE
1911 Belle Fourche Dam Belle Fourche Dam ASCE
1905-1910 Buffalo Bill Dam Buffalo Bill Dam ASCE
1905 Cheesman Dam Cheesman Dam ASCE
1943 Denison Dam Denison Dam ASCE
1871 Druid Lake Dam Druid Lake Dam ASCE
1916 Elephant Butte Dam Elephant Butte Dam ASCE
1940 Fort Peck Dam Fort Peck Dam ASCE
1941 Grand Coulee Dam Grand Coulee Dam ASCE
1935 Hoover Dam Hoover Dam ASCE
1888 Sweetwater Dam Sweetwater Dam ASCE
1936 Norris Dam Norris Dam ASCE
1944 Kentucky Dam Kentucky Dam ASCE
1897 Woodhead Dam Woodhead Dam ASCE
1927-1932 Zuiderzee Enclosure Dam Zuiderzee Enclosure Dam ASCE
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