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Belle Fourche Dam
Society: ASCE Main Category: Civil Sub Category: Dams, Water Supply & Control Era: 1910-1919 DateCreated: 1911 confluence of the Redwater and Belle Fourche Rivers Belle Fourche State: SD Zip: 57754 Country: USA Website: Creator: Orman & Crook

Belle Fourche, meaning "Beautiful Forks" in French, refers to the confluence of the Redwater and Belle Fourche Rivers. The gold rush to the Black Hills in 1876 brought many people to the area, but agriculture and livestock soon became the principal industries. Farmers and civic leaders recognized the need for a reliable source of irrigation water in this semi-arid region and petitioned the Federal government for funds to build an irrigation and flood control system.

Image Credit: Public Domain (United States Bureau of Reclamation) Image Caption: An aerial view of the Belle Fourche Dam Era_date_from: 1911
Keokuk Hydro-Power System
Society: ASCE Main Category: Civil Sub Category: Power Generation Era: 1910-1919 DateCreated: 1913 Mississippi River Keokuk State: IA Zip: 52632 Country: USA Website: Creator: Cooper, Hugh

Spearheaded by Hugh Cooper, the Keokuk Dam & Power Plant served as a prototype for many future power plants. The project harnessed the hydropower of the Mississippi River, between Keokuk, Iowa and Hamilton, Illinois.

The crest of the dam is nearly a mile long. The dam structure features 119 arch spans between six-foot-thick piers and a 110-foot-wide pneumatic lock. Combined with the lock, the dam reduced travel time for steamboats by nearly two hours.

Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/Michael R. Allen (CC BY 2.0) Image Caption: Mississippi River Lock and Dam number 19 Era_date_from: 1913
AAR Railroad-wheel Dynamometer
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Research and Development Era: DateCreated: 1955 Association of American Railroads, Transportation Technical Center Pueblo State: CO Zip: Country: USA Website:, Creator: Southern Pacific Railroad

This inertia dynamometer is used to test railroad wheels under controlled conditions that can greatly exceed normal service. It is the first and only railroad dynamometer to test track wheels using vertical and lateral loads, as well as thermal braking loads, at the wheel rim. It can also test railway car and locomotive axles.

Image Credit: Image Caption: AAR Railroad-wheel Dynamometer Era_date_from: 1955
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