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Pierce-Donachy Ventricular Assist Device
Society: ASMEMain Category: MechanicalSub Category: Biomedical EngineeringEra: 1970-1979DateCreated: 1973Milton S. Hershey Medical CenterHersjeyState: PAZip: 17033Country: USAWebsite: Pierce, William, Donachy, James

This is the first extremely smooth, surgically implantable, seam-free pulsatile blood pump to receive widespread clinical use. In its use in more than 250 patients, it has been responsible for saving numerous lives. When used as a bridge to transplant, the pump has a success rate greater than 90 percent. There has never been a device-failure-related fatality of any of these patients. A successful heart-assist pump could save an estimated fifteen thousand individuals annually.

Image Credit: Courtesy Wikipedia/Madhero88 (CC BY-SA 3.0)Image Caption: Pierce-Donachy Ventricular Assist DeviceEra_date_from: 1973
Curtis 500-kW Vertical Turbine
Society: ASMEMain Category: Electric, MechanicalSub Category: SteamEra: 1900-1909DateCreated: 1903IndianapolisState: INCountry: USAWebsite:, Curtis, Charles G.

This, the first Curtis vertical turbine built, was constructed by the General Electric Co. for the Newport & Fall River Street Railway Co. It operated in the Newport, R.I., generating station until June 1927. It was transferred to the Harding Street Station of the Indianapolis Power & Light Co. for display and later moved to the company's E.W. Stout Station.

Image Caption: 5,000-kilowatt Curtis Steam Turbine-GeneratorEra_date_from: 1903
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