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Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Roundhouse
Aurora, IL
The Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad was the first railroad to link Chicago and the Mississippi River, in the 1850s. This forty-stall roundhouse, large even for its time…
Childs-Irving Hydroelectric Project
Phoenix, AZ
Fossil Creek meanders ten miles to the Verde River, dropping some 1,600 feet during its course and, at the turn of the century, enticed miners in the copper-rich Irving area to…
Chivilingo Hydroelectric Plant
Studies on the feasibility of building a hydro plant in the site were initiated in 1893. The increasing need for power that was cheaper and easily adapted to mine underground use…
Choate Bridge Choate Bridge
Ipswich, MA
The Choate Bridge of Essex County, completed in 1764, is the oldest documented two-span masonry arch bridge in the United States. Named after Colonel John Choate, who supervised…
Cincinnati Observatory Cincinnati Observatory
Cincinnati, OH
The Cincinnati Observatory, founded by Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel in 1842, is America’s oldest public/professional observatory. The observatory was situated on Mt. Adams, east of…
City Plan of Philadelphia City Plan of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
The City Plan of Philadelphia is a seminal creation in American city planning in that it was the first American City Plan to provide open public squares for the free enjoyment of…
City Plan of Savannah City Plan of Savannah
Savannah, GA
The Savannah city plan, whose execution began in 1733, is distinguished from those of previous colonial towns by the repeated pattern of connected neighborhoods, multiple squares…
Claytile Drain Claytile Drain
Geneva, NY
Farm And Residence of John Johnston 1791 - 1880 Eminent Farmer Who Here Originated Tile Underdrainage in America in 1835 and Thereby Became an Outstanding Contributor to Human…
Cleveland Hopkins Airport Cleveland Hopkins Airport
Cleveland, OH
Constructed on 1,040 acres just 10 miles southwest of the city center, the Cleveland Hopkins Airport was the first major airport in the world to provide an integrated system of…
Code-Breaking at Bletchley Park during World War II
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
On this site during the 1939-45 World War, 12,000 men and women broke the German Lorenz and Enigma ciphers, as well as Japanese and Italian codes and ciphers. They used innovative…
Collection at the Museum of Engines and Mechanisms
With over 300 specimens, the Museum of Engines and Mechanisms of the University of Palermo collectively narrates the evolution of engine technology. This collection of engines,…
Pilot at College Park College Park Airport
College Park, MD
College Park Airport was founded in 1909 when the Wright Brothers came here to train the first military officers to fly in the givernment's first airplane. The airport is the …
Colorado River Aqueduct Colorado River Aqueduct
, CA
Stretching 242 miles from the Colorado River on the California-Arizona border to its final holding reservoir near Riverside, California, the Colorado River Aqueduct consists of…
Columbia Dry Cell Battery Columbia Dry Cell Battery
St. Louis, MO
Imagine a world without batteries. It would be a much different world, in which the automobile and the telephone would have developed differently and probably later, a world…
Columbia River Scenic Highway Columbia River Scenic Highway
Cascade Locks, OR
A project that combined great engineering ambition and burgeoning civic pride, the Columbia River Highway was built at the dawn of the automobile age out of a desire to bring…
Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge
West Hempfield, PA
The total length of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge is 7,374 feet. Its construction required 100,000 cubic yards of concrete and 8 million pounds of steel reinforcing rods.…
Colvin Run Mill
Great Falls, VA
Colvin Run Mill is an early 19th century operating gristmill, closely modeled on the principles developed by Oliver Evans (1755-1819). Powered by a waterwheel, the restored mill…
Commercial Process for Producing Calcium Carbide and Acetylene Commercial Process for Producing Calcium Carbide and Acetylene
Eden, NC
In his search for a more economical way to make aluminum, Canadian inventor Thomas Leopold Willson accidentally discovered the first commercially viable process for making calcium…
Commercialization and Industrialization of Photovoltaic Cells
In 1954 three researchers at Bell Laboratories published the results of their discovery of the world’s first practical ‘photovoltaic’ (henceforth abbreviated by ‘PV’) cell which…
Commonwealth Building Heat Pump
Portland, OR
The use of heat pumps for the heating and cooling of the Commonwealth Building, initiated in 1948, was a pioneering achievement in the western hemisphere. The theoretical…

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