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Gunnison Tunnel
Society: ASCE Main Category: Civil Sub Category: Tunnels Era: 1900-1909 DateCreated: 1909 Montrose State: CO Zip: Country: USA Website: Creator: Bureau of Reclamation

At its completion, the 5.8-mile Gunnison Tunnel under western Colorado's Vernal Mesa was the longest irrigation tunnel in America. It carried water from the Gunnison River to the Uncompahgre Valley to irrigate 146,000 acres of cropland. 

Work on the 30,582-foot tunnel was first performed manually. Adverse geological conditions provided great challenge for this pioneering project. The drilling crews had to deal with clay, sand, shale, and a badly fractured fault zone. 

Image Credit: Public Domain; Produced prior to 1/1/1923 Image Caption: Gunnison Tunnel Era_date_from: 1909
First Concrete Pavement
Society: ASCE Main Category: Civil Sub Category: Roads & Rails Era: 1890-1899 DateCreated: 1893 101-163 E Court Avenue Bellefontaine State: OH Zip: 43311 Country: USA Website: Creator: Bartholomew, George , Wonders, James

"This is the first Portland cement concrete street built in the United States ... Here started the better roads movement which has given our citizens from coast to coast swift and sure transportation."  
- Historic marker, Bellefontaine, Ohio, celebrating the 50th anniversary of America's first concrete pavement, 1941 

Image Credit: Public Domain (Author's Choice) Image Caption: First Concrete Pavement Era_date_from: 1893
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