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Joseph Leary is a writer, producer, and director of video and film projects. He lives in Fairfield, Connecticut. More >>

Stanley Lebar retired from an engineering career with Westinghouse in 1988. More >>

Timothy J. LeCain is an adjunct professor of history at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. More >>

Lecompte, Tom is member for American Heritage site since 2011. More >>

DAN LEDNICER, a medicinal, organic chemist, is the author, co-author, or editor of a dozen books on drug research, including, most recently, Strategies for Organic Drug Synthesis and Design More >>

Judith Yaross Lee is an assistant professor of journalism and interpersonal communication at Ohio University and is the author, most recently, of Garrison Keillor A Voice of America ( More >>

Dr. Margaret A. LeMone is a Senior Scientist Emerita at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (Retired).

More >>

Michael Lennick produced and directed the PBS documentary “Dr. Teller’s Very Large Bomb,” a subject he wrote about in the Summer 2005 issue of Invention & Technology. More >>

STUART LEUTHNER wrote “ The Windmills That Won the West ” in the Fall 2003 issue. More >>

Tom Lewis is Quadracci Professor of Social Responsibility and a professor of English at Skidmore College. More >>

Calvin Lieberman is a nationally known consultant on environmental and legislative issues with an office in ‘Toledo, Ohio. He has worked in the scrap and solid-waste fields for more than 60 years. More >>

Peter Liebhold is the Chair of the Division of Work and Industry at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

Throughout his professional life Mr.

More >>

David Lindsay wrote the profile of George Squier that appears in this issue. More >>

Robert H. Lochte is a professor in the department of journalism and mass communications at Murray State University in Kentucky. More >>

Bobby Lowich is a New York City cab historian and driver. More >>

Steven Lubar is a professor in the department of American civilization and director of the John Nicholas Brown Center for the Study of American Civilization at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Professor Lubar directs Brown's Public Humanities

More >>

Paul Lucier is a graduate student in the department of history at Princeton University. More >>

George Mannes is a reporter at, an on-line financial-news publication. More >>

Howard Mansfield is a freelance writer who lives in Hancock, New Hampshire. More >>

Ben Martinez is an artist in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, who illustrated The Splicing Handbook. More >>

Harry Matthei retired last year after a career in advertising. He died in February of this year. More >>

MIKE MAY is a freelance writer living in Madison, Indiana. His most recent article for Invention & Technology was about the development of the first Texas Instruments calculator. More >>

George B. Kauffman, a professor of chemistry at Fresno State University, is the 1993 recipient of the American Chemical Society’s Pimentel Award in Chemical Education. More >>

Edith McCall is the author of Conquering the Rivers: Henry Mill Shreve and the Navigation of America’s Inland Waterways (Louisiana State University, 1984). More >>

Miles R. McCarry is a livestock writer and retired artificial-insemination executive in Deltona, Florida. More >>

Daniel J. McConville, a former construction and trucking contractor, is now a business, financial, and technology journalist in New York City. More >>

John P. McKelvey, a condensed-matter physicist, is an adjunct professor of physics at Pennsylvania State University. More >>

Wheeler McMillen, born in Ohio in 1893, was editor in chief of Farm Journal from 1939 to 1955. He lives in Virginia. More >>

Barbara A. Merry is a marine rope worker with twenty years of experience in the splicing trade and the author of The Splicing Handbook, now in its third edition.

More >>

Ralph Meyer is a physicist and author of Old-Time Telephones, which describes the telephone’s development in full technical detail, giving credit to those who made important early steps. More >>

William B. Meyer wrote about the Hoosac Tunnel in the Fall 1985 issue. More >>

William D. Middleton is the author of Landmarks on the Iron Road: Two Centuries of North American Railroad Engineering (Indiana University Press, 1999). More >>

Anne Millbrooke is corporate archivist at the Archive and Historical Resource Center of United Technologies, in East Hartford, Connecticut. More >>

Jeffrey W Miller is a history and science writer in San Francisco. More >>

RON MILLER is an illustrator and author specializing in science, astronomy, and science fiction and is the co-author, with Frederick C. More >>

Walter Minchinton was a professor of economic history at the University of Exeter, England. More >>

Arthur Molella is director of the Smithsonian Institution’s Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, and a frequent contributor to Invention & Techno More >>

Cynthia Monaco' 1988 article on early typewriters in Invention & Technology led to an exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Ms. More >>

Alyxandria Moon is a senior at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire. After graduating in May 2020, she plans to pursue a career in the editorial field and other related fields.

More >>

Tim Moran is a freelance writer who concentrates on business, automotive, and technical subjects. He lives in Michigan. More >>

Barbara Moran is an award-winning science journalist, television producer, and frequent contributor to Invention & Technology.


More >>

Elting E. Morison was one of the nation's most distinguished historians and a founder of MIT's Program in Science, Technology and Society (STS. He died in 1995 at the age of 85.

Professor Morison, who held the Elizabeth and James R.

More >>

Roger A. Morse is a professor of apiculture at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. More >>

David Morton is a writer and web developer at George Tech with experience creating and delivering innovative, educational content through the new media. More >>

Clayton Daniel Mote, Jr. is President Emeritus of the National Academy of Engineering and was President of the University of Maryland, College Park from September 1998 until August 2010. More >>

Peter Muller is a writer and marketing consultant in Washington, D.C. More >>

Douglas Murphy is a reporter and freelance writer in Phoenix, Arizona. More >>

STEWART B. NELSON is a consultant in maritime and océanographie matters and a former president of the American Océanographie Organization. He lives in Miami. More >>

ROXANNE NELSON is a Seattle-based freelance writer specializing in health and medical topics. She is also a registered nurse. More >>

Matthew Nicholl is a professor of music at Western Carolina University. His book Introduction to MIDI/Synthesis will be published by C. P P Belwyn Company this spring. More >>

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