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John M. Staudenmaier, S.J., is a professor of the history of technology at the University of Detroit Mercy. More >>

S. L. SANGER is a former newspaper reporter and the author of Working on the Bomb: An Oral History of World War II Hanford (Portland State University Press, 1995). More >>

Richard Sassaman is a freelance writer in Bar Harbor, Maine. More >>

Michael Brian Schiffer is a professor of anthropology at the University of Arizona. More >>

Schwarz, Frederic D. is member for American Heritage site since 2011. More >>

Michael G. H. Scott is the author of Packard: The Complete Story (TAB Books, 1985). More >>

Aurelia C. Scott lives in Portland, Maine with her husband Bob Krug, two three bypass pruners, and a Cape Cod weeder. She gardens within sight of water, seagulls, and the occasional heron. More >>

Tony Seideman is a freelance writer who lives in New York City More >>

Vanda Sendzimir wrote “My Father the Inventor,” about the steel innovator Tad Sendzimir, in our Fall 1995 issue. More >>

JANET YAGODA SHAGAM is a microbiologist and science writer who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More >>

ARTHUR G. SHARP is a former U.S. Marine and a freelance writer who lives in Rocky Hills, Connecticut. More >>

Steven L. Shepherd, a freelance writer, lives in San Diego. More >>

Don Sherman has been writing about automotive technology for more than twenty years. More >>

Donald G. Shomette is a maritime historian as well as an underwater archeologist and lives in Dunkirk, Maryland. More >>

David B. Sicilia is an Associate Professor, Department of History; and Henry Kaufman Fellow, Center for Financial Policy, Robert H. Smith School of Business. More >>

ROBERT J. SIMCOE worked for 37 years designing semiconductor devices for the computer and network industries. More >>

Edward N. Singer, formerly an engineer in the Bureau of Fire Communications of the New York City Fire Department, was the author of 20th Century Revolutions in Technology (Nova Science Publishers, 1998). More >>

Joseph W. Slade, chairman of the Department of Media Arts at Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus, wrote about Hiram Maxim and the machine gun in our Fall 1986 issue. More >>

Patricia Carter Sluby is a former patent examiner and past president of the National Intellectual Property Law Association, an organization founded in 1973 by African American patent attorneys. Sluby has spent years searching the U.S. More >>

MONICA M. SMITH is a historian and exhibit specialist at the Smithsonian Institution’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation. More >>

Terri Peterson Smith is a science writer in Minneapolis. More >>

Scott S. Smith is a freelance writer in West Hollywood, California. More >>

Fredric Smoler is a professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence College. More >>

Richard F. Snow worked 37 years at American Heritage Magazine, serving as Editor-in-Chief for seventeen of them. More >>

ROCKEY SPICER, a retired public relations manager, is currently editor of Hot Line to the Deaf-Blind , a weekly Braille newspaper, and a contributor to the Am More >>

Autumn Stanley is a freelance scholar in Portola Valley, California. She frequently writes on women and technology, as well as on food and wine. More >>

Darwin H. Stapleton is the director of the Rockefeller Archive Center in Sleepy Hollow, New York. More >>

MELISSA STEWART is a freelance writerin Marlborough, Massachusetts. More >>

Terry Stocker is a research associate, in anthropology at the University of West Florida. More >>

Herbert B. Stockinger, a native of Atlantic City, lives in Los Angeles and writes on amusement parks, theaters, circuses, and music boxes, among other things. More >>

Matthew J. Stoff is a recent graduate of Dartmouth College. More >>

John F. Stover is the author of many books about transportation, including History of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (Purdue University Press, 1987). More >>

James E. More >>

Jay Stuller is a freelance writer in San Francisco. More >>

Rachel Swaby is the author of Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science — and the World. A freelance journalist, Swaby has written for Runner’s World, Wired, The Atlantic, and other publications.

More >>

Daniel Sweeney is a freelance writer living in Burbank, California. More >>

Earl Swift is a reporter for the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot whose articles have appeared in PARADE, Popular Mechanics, and other publications. He has been a Fulbright fellow, PEN finalist and five-time Pulitzer Prize nominee. More >>
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