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Williams-Miles History of Chemistry Collection
Society: ACSMain Category: ChemicalSub Category: Cradles of ChemistryEra: 1890-1899Brackett LibrarySearcyState: ARZip: 72143Country: USAWebsite:, Miles, Wyndham , National Institutes of Health

The Williams-Miles History of Chemistry Collection, established in 1992, is one of the leading historical collections of chemistry books in the southern United States. It represents a combined 70 years of scholarly collecting by Wyndham D. Miles, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, and William D. Williams, Professor of Chemistry at Harding University. More than 2,000 volumes published between 1600 and 1900 are preserved here; the collection is particularly strong in 19th-century works.

Image Credit: Courtesy ACSImage Caption: Williams-Miles History of Chemistry Collection at Harding University
White River Concrete Arch Bridge
Society: ASCEMain Category: CivilSub Category: BridgesEra: 1930-1939DateCreated: 1930White RiverCotterState: ARZip: 72626Country: USAWebsite: Marsh, James Barney

When this 1,850-foot concrete-arch highway bridge was built on the White River in a remote region of northern Arkansas - prior to the construction of upriver, flood-control dams - flash floods occurred frequently, sometimes causing the water to rise as much as one foot per hour. Construction under these conditions presented a clear danger, so project managers specified both a design and an innovative construction method appropriate to the problem of building across a perilous stretch of unpredictable river.

Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/jaystout (CC BY 2.0)Image Caption: White River Concrete Arch BridgeEra_date_from: 1930
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