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St. Clair Tunnel
Society: ASCE Main Category: Civil Sub Category: Tunnels Era: 1890-1899 DateCreated: 1891 Beneath the St. Clair River Sarnia State: ON Zip: N7T 8G8 Country: Canada Website: Creator: Hobson, Joseph , Beach, Alfred

A Day's Pay According to tunnel records, the following pay rates were established for the 600-700 laborers required for this project: 

Image Credit: Public Domain Image Caption: Postcard of the west end St. Clair River Tunnel in Port Huron, Michigan, United States. Era_date_from: 1891
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Environmental Control Era: 1920-1929 DateCreated: 1920 Hudson River Greenway; Manhattan New York State: NY Zip: Country: USA Website: Creator: Freeman, Milton
The first long underwater tunnel in the world designed for motor vehicle use was built from 1920 to 1927. The 29.5-foot-diameter, 8,500-foot-long twin tubes of this tunnel were shield-driven by the pneumatic method through extremely difficult river-bottom conditions that were overcome by the ingenuity and determination of its engineers, Clifford M. Holland, Milton H. Freeman, and Ole Singstad. They were the largest in the United States when built.
Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/Bill Benzon (CC BY-SA 2.0) Image Caption: Holland Tunnel Ventilation System Era_date_from: 1920
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