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Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Era: 2000-present DateCreated: 2011 Viale delle Scienze, 8 Palermo State: Zip: 90128 Country: Italy Website:,, Creator:

With over 300 specimens, the Museum of Engines and Mechanisms of the University of Palermo collectively narrates the evolution of engine technology. This collection of engines, from water-powered devices, through the era of steam and reciprocating engines, to jet turbines, includes engines that once served to power pumps, factories, automobiles, airplanes, and ships.


Image Credit: Image Caption: FIAT G.59 4B trainer aircraft equipped with a Rolls Royce Merlin 500-20 engine, 1950 Era_date_from:
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Era: 1970-1979 DateCreated: 1969 1500 N. McClintock Dr. Tempe State: AZ Zip: 85281 Country: USA Website:,, Creator: Dexter, Phil

The first wave pool in North America to consistently generate 3-5 foot spilling waves suitable for surfing

Big Surf Waterpark uses 15 gates that empty water into a 2.5 acre lagoon with contours that replicate a natural beach. Waves are produced by pumping water to a pre-selected height and released through underwater gates. The water released breaks over a baffle (similar to a natural reef), forming one wave per cycle. Water is recirculated to the lagoon through pumps.

Image Credit: Image Caption: Designed by Phil Dexter, the facility uses 15 gates that empty water from a reservoir into a 2.5 million gallon lagoon with contours that replicate a natural beach. Era_date_from:
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Era: 1960-1969 DateCreated: 1963 PR-625 Arecibo State: PR Zip: 00612 Country: USA Website: Creator:

A drive system that keeps the antenna pointed with millimeter precision regardless of factors such as environmental change


The Arecibo Observatory has the largest radio telescope ever constructed.  Maintaining the greatest electromagnetic wave gathering capacity of any telescope, it has been an essential tool in modern astronomy, ionosphere and planetary studies.

Image Credit: Public Domain Image Caption: Arecibo Radiotelescope Era_date_from:
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Era: 1960-1969 DateCreated: 1968 ILC Dover Frederica State: DE Zip: 1996-2080 Country: USA Website:, Creator:

Apollo astronauts who ventured outside of the protective confines of their pressurized capsules faced a number of hazards, among them: exposure to cosmic debris, solar radiation, and surface temperatures that widely varied. The suit also needed to accommodate a wide range of motion to allow the duties of the missions to be successfully accomplished.

Image Credit: Public Domain - Take by Neil Armstrong Image Caption: Edwin Aldrin wearing the A7L spacesuit on the moon. Era_date_from:
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Era: 1960-1969 DateCreated: 1960 491 Dutton St #2 Lowell State: MA Zip: 01854 Country: USA Website: Creator:

Referred to as the "catalyst of the Industrial Revolution," textile manufacturing helped to transform the American economy from an agricultural to a manufacturing economy. It led to transitions from human to mechanical power and from wood to metal construction. Population shifts resulted from significant numbers of people moving from rural areas to work in urban factories. The collection of tools and machinery housed at the American Textile History Museum (ATHM) represents a collection of ideas which developed during this period.

Image Credit: Courtesy Wikipedia/Z22 Image Caption: Throstle frame in Lowell, Massachusetts. Era_date_from:
Experimental Breeder Reactor I
Society: IEEE Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Nuclear Era: 1950-1959 DateCreated: 1951 EBR-I Building Arco State: ID Zip: 83415 Country: USA Website:,_1951 Creator: Zinn, Walter

At this facility on 20 December 1951 electricity was first generated from the heat produced by a sustained nuclear reaction providing steam to a turbine generator. This event inaugurated the nuclear power industry in the United States. On 4 June 1953 EBR-I provided the first proof of "breeding" capability, producing one atom of nuclear fuel for each atom burned, and later produced electricity using a plutonium core reactor.

Image Credit: Courtesy Wikipedia/US Department of Energy Image Caption: The four lit light bulbs demonstrated the first use of nuclear electricity at Argonne National Laboratory. Era_date_from: 1951
Wright Field 5-foot Wind Tunnel
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Air and Space Transportation Era: 1920-1929 DateCreated: 1921 88th Air Base Wing Office of Public Affairs Wright-Patterson Air Force Base State: OH Zip: 45433 Country: USA Website:, Creator: Air Service Engineering Division

Wind tunnel testing of aircraft models is essential to determine aerodynamic parameters such as lift and drag. The 5-foot Wright Field wind tunnel is an early example of the modern wind tunnel, well known from the early 1920s to the late 1950s for its contributions to research and the development of nearly every major aircraft and associated hardware used by the US Air Force and its predecessor, the Army Air Service.

Image Credit: Courtesy ASME Image Caption: This is an early example of the "modern" wind tunnel for aircraft-model testing. Era_date_from: 1921
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Pumping Era: 1890-1899 DateCreated: 1890s York Water Company York State: PA Zip: 17401 Country: USA Website:, Creator: Corliss, George H.

Smaller and cheaper than a triple-expansion vertical engine, the horizontal cross-compound pumping engine, Pump No. 2, ran at relatively slow revolutions and was considered the height of engineering from the 1890s to World War I. This pumping engine at the York Water Company was built by the Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation, Snow-Holly Works, Buffalo, New York.

Image Credit: Image Caption: Era_date_from: 1890s
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Communications and Data Processing Era: 1940-1949 DateCreated: 1948 Battelle Memorial Institute Columbus State: OH Zip: 43201-2693 Country: USA Website:, Creator: Carlson, Chester

The convenient dry-copying process for printed pages is among the truly revolutionary inventions of the century. In 1937 Chester Carlson, a New York patent attorney, developed the concept of applying an electrostatic charge on a plate coated with a photoconductive material. On November 22, 1938, Carlson dusted powder dyed with evergreen spores across an exposed plate and transferred the imprint to the surface of a paper.

Image Credit: Courtesy Xerox Corporation Image Caption: Xerography Era_date_from: 1948
Wright Flyer III
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Air and Space Transportation Era: 1900-1909 DateCreated: 1905 Aviation Heritage Natl Hist Park Dayton State: OH Zip: 45409 Country: USA Website:, Creator: Wright, Wilbur, Wright, Orville

The 1905 Wright Flyer III, built by Wilbur (1867-1912) and Orville (1871-1948) Wright, was the world's first airplane capable of sustained, maneuverable flight. Similar in design to their celebrated first airplane, this machine featured a stronger structure, a larger engine turning new "bent-end" propellers, and greater control-surface area for improved safety and maneuverability.

Image Credit: Public Domain (Copyright Expr.) Image Caption: Wright Flyer III Era_date_from: 1905
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